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Boaters Asked to Stay Clear During Airshow Practice

Dubuque’s annual July 3rd airshow and fireworks are just a couple days away. Before Tuesday’s show, some of the participating aircraft will need some time to practice their maneuvers. That practice is scheduled for early Monday afternoon, between 1:00 and 2:00. During that time, show organizers are asking boaters to stay out of the area between Lock and Dam 11 and the Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge. The restricted area during the practice is the same space where boats will be prohibited during the airshow itself. Dubuque firefighters and officers from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources will be patrolling the water during both the practice and the airshow. Among the aircraft participating in this year’s airshow are the Iowa National Guard’s Chinook helicopter, an Osprey from the US Marine Corps, as well as the US Army Golden Knights parachute team.

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