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Treasury Investigating Manafort…Three Killed in UK Bridge Attack…Trump Talks AHCA with Freedom Caucus

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Associated Press has learned that agents from the U.S. Treasury Department recently obtained information about offshore financial transactions involving President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. The information was part of a federal anti-corruption probe into his work in Eastern Europe. Manafort has been a leading focus of the U.S. government’s investigation into whether Trump associates coordinated with Moscow to meddle in the 2016 campaign.

LONDON (AP) – The British Parliament has observed a minute of silence to remember those killed in the attack near the Parliament building. A man driving an SUV plowed into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge yesterday and then stabbed to death a police officer. Three people were killed before police shot him dead. Today, British police conducted major raids and arrested seven people in connection with the attacks.

WASHINGTON (AP) – President Donald Trump will be meeting today with the conservative Freedom Caucus, ahead of the House vote on the GOP health care plan to replace “Obamacare.” Conservatives are opposed to the Republican health care plan because they say it doesn’t go far enough. In a count by The Associated Press, at least 26 Republicans say they oppose the bill, enough to narrowly defeat the measure.

UNDATED (AP) – Tanning salon owners say they can’t wait for the repeal and replacement of the Obama administration’s health care law. That’s because the Affordable Care Act also imposed a 10 percent tax on tanning, and that took a heavy toll on the industry. Nearly 10,000 salons have closed in the U.S. since the law went into effect.

PHOENIX (AP) – Police in Phoenix say the parents of a 9-year-old boy who was shot in the head in their home put off calling 911 as they cleaned up evidence. Police have cast doubt on Wendy Lavarnia’s account that her 2-year-old son picked up an unattended gun and accidentally shot to death her 9-year-old. Police say they became suspicious when Lavarnia’s husband showed up at the home with a crudely bandaged gunshot wound on his upper arm. Authorities are still trying to sort out what could have happened.

North Korea Missile Fails…Manafort’s Ties to Russia Deepen…Virginia Governor Pardons “Norfolk Four”

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) – The U.S. Pacific Command says a missile launched today by North Korea “appears to have exploded within seconds of launch.” The reported launch failure comes as the North angrily reacts to ongoing annual U.S.-South Korean military drills that it views as an invasion rehearsal. Earlier this month, North Korea fired four ballistic missiles that landed in waters off Japan, triggering strong protests from Seoul and Tokyo.

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Associated Press has learned that President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, secretly worked a decade ago for a Russian billionaire to advance the interests of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Manafort also proposed an ambitious political strategy to undermine anti-Russian opposition across former Soviet republics. Manafort has said he’s never worked for Russian interests.

BEIRUT (AP) – Syrian activists say dozens of civilians are dead or still missing following an airstrike on a shelter for the displaced. The activist-run group called Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently says a school sheltering some 50 families was leveled by airstrikes yesterday morning in the northern town of Mansoura. Mansoura is 16 miles west of Raqqa, which is the de-facto capital of the Islamic State group. Activists say 33 bodies have been recovered so far.

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Virginia’s governor has pardoned four former sailors convicted of the 1997 rape and murder of a woman. Danial Williams, Joseph Dick, Derek Tice and Eric Wilson were known as the “Norfolk Four,” and were found guilty based on intimidating police interrogations. DNA evidence linked someone else to the crimes, and he admitted being the sole attacker.

BRUSSELS (AP) – A year ago today, bombing attacks were carried out on Belgium’s airport and subway in Brussels, killing 32 people and wounding more than 300 others. Today, Belgian leaders, victims and families marked the anniversary with ceremonies. King Philippe laid a wreath outside the airport’s departure hall, where two suicide bombers blew themselves up.