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New Record for Coldest High Temperature in Dubuque

Another weather record was set in Dubuque this weekend, and once again, it was for cold that had never been felt before. The high temperature at the Dubuque Regional Airport climbed to just 29 degrees on Sunday. That’s the lowest high temperature ever recorded on April 15 in Dubuque. The previous record of 36 degrees was set back in 1949. Some parts of Dubuque were even colder than the airport. According to KCRG’s Pinpoint StormNet weather station at Senior High School, the temperature there didn’t top 28 degrees. At Hempstead, the warmest reading only got to 27. Dubuque wasn’t the only Iowa city to set a new low record for high temperature yesterday. The mark was either tied or broken in each of eastern Iowa’s other “Big Four” cities: Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, and Iowa City.

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