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Each person who submits a greeting will be registered to win a Grand Prize in excess of $450 in value. The prize package includes:

  • A $50 gift certificate to ServiceMaster of the Key City
  • Four (4) tickets to The Addams Family 6/11-6/2 at Bell Tower Theater
  • A gift certificate for two (2) bottles of wine and two (2) pizzas to Sunset Ridge Winery
  • A sterling silver and diamond pendant from Elliott Jewelers
  • A $50 gift certificate to Mindframe Theaters
  • A family membership for a year to the Mississippi River Museum
  • A $50 gift certificate to Fig Leaf Intimates and Echos from Heirlooms
  • A $100 gift certificate to Body and Soul Wellness Center and Spa
  • Two (2) cruise tickets aboard River Boat Twilight (Guttenberg Excursion)

All fields are required. Entry deadline is 5/9/15. Winner will be announced on 5/11/15.

All fields are required.

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Read other peoples' greetings!

To: Connie
From: Melanie
Thanks for everything you do! I wouldn't be the person I am today without you!
To: Betty Dreessens
From: Karri Loeffelholz
Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for all the support you give me.
To: Karri Loeffelholz
From: April Loeffelholz
Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for loving us to the moon and back.
To: dolly colbert
From: Paula Ruden
Happy Mothers day in Heaven mom ...miss you !
To: Laura Ruden Udelhofen
From: megs
Happy mothers day mom!
To: Connie
From: Tom
Do have a very Happy Mother's Day. You deserve it!! Your Kids
To: Nancy Herman
From: Robin McCool
Thanks for showing me what true love and family mean, especially during these past few months. I found your strength inspiring when I was a kid, but even more so now. Happy Mother's Day!
To: Joyce
From: Julie Voss
Happy Mother's Day!
To: Judi
From: Jacob
Thank you for all you do ! We really do appreciate and love you !
To: Carolyn Moor
From: Cori Kunnert
Hope you have a great today as I hope everyday! You are the best, always loving, caring, most importantly always forgiving! thanks mom for all you do for me and my family, my kids are lucky to have such a special grandmother! I love you
To: Catherine
From: Elisabeth
Mom- you battled cancer over the last year and I wasn't sure if I would be able to spend another Mother's Day with you. I am so glad that you are still here. Let's do something really special this year to celebrate you!
To: Carleen Schroeder
From: Lindsey Schroeder
Happy mothers day to one beautiful mama inside and out. We love you to the moon!
To: Rita
From: Mary
Mom - Love you each day, because we never know when it will be the last. So glad that we have great memories to share. Happy Mothers Day to the best mom! Love Always
To: Judy Reisdorf
From: Joe Reisdorf
My mother is in her late 60's. My mother is by far the strongest hearted lady I ever met in my life. My Mother had four children and worked full-time her whole. She married my father who had a disability and he passed away three years ago. When mom was taking care of my father or her children, she still did the cleaning of the house and cooking. While taken care of my father, my mother also had to take care of her own mother, two sisters and a brother and they all had a life threatening disease and one sister passed away a few years back.. It seemed for the past 7 years she lost her family members to this disease and my mother lost her husband Terry three years ago from his disease. My sister had the say disease as my father. My sister just passed away this last January on my father's birthday. So between working 40+ hours a week, my mother had six family member to take care of and made certain they got the best of health and made sure she had them at our house for EVERY holiday. Now I'm disabled due to a brain tumor, and I lost over half of my vision in both eyes. So my mother drives me to any where I have to go and even to my kids sporting events.. My mother never took a vacation or a day off and was either helping a family member, her children and husband and then clean and cook. She is by far the strongest lady I ever saw and her family is so important to her. My mother deserves a break and I hope my letter about my mother and your listeners will cherish this story. Let me add one more thing, on top of everything, my mother has a lung disease. She can't walk up three steps without bending over and gasping for air. Today she continues to do it all still. I wish you could see the smile on my aunt's and uncle face when she goes to Sunny Crest to check them out for the day to spend time with and be with the family for the holidays. I can't thank my mother enough for what she has done for the past 47 years. Now she's helping me because I'm legally blind. What a woman, care taker and a mother. I'm proud to call her mom. I love you mom.
To: Christy Luster
From: Kelly Luster
You do so much for us and we never say thank you enough. Aidan and I love you to the moon and back.
To: Mary Fluhr
From: Jodi
Mom will be a young 80-years-old this June and she still tries to go the extra mile to help her family out with anything she can. I know our hectic lives keep us all busy, but we appreciate and love her very much. Happy Mother's Day
To: Rhonda
From: Sydney
I am so lucky to have a mom like you! Here are 15 reasons why I love you... 1) You put a roof over my head. 2) You've made me happy when I'm sad. 3) You want what's best for me. 4) You help me when I need it. 5) You've never doubted me. 6) I can tell you anything. 7) You go out of your way when I'm not feeling well. 8) You have helped me deal with loss and drama. 9) You've been there for me when no one else has. 10) You push me to succeed in life. 11) You've taught me so many things. 12) You worked so hard to give me what I have today. 13) You've taken care of me on your own. 14) You love me. 15) I get to call you my best friend. Thank you for everything you've ever done for me in my life. I am forever grateful to call you my mom. I love you more mom!
To: Sue
From: sam bushman
Thank you mom for always being there no matter the time or day. I have gotten everything i am today from you. love you
To: Dixie
From: Barb
Happy Mother's Day Mom! Thanks for being such a great role model for me and my daughters. We love you very much!
To: Maxine Hillary
From: shelley gleason
Just wanted to wish the best mom in the, world a happy 64 th mothers day! Love you mom!
To: sylvia kress
From: Doris Ryan
Happy Mother's Day in Heaven. Love and miss you.
To: Kathy
From: Susan
Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for always being there.
To: Shari
From: Kelly
Happy Mother's Day! You are the best, love you so much!!
To: Kathy
From: Denise ONeill
Love you mom!
To: Barbara Hansel
From: Julie Novak
Mom, through good times and bad, you have ALWAYS been there for me, these almost 57 years. Thanks for giving me life and, most of all, LOVE beyond measure, especially when I didn't deserve it!
To: Eileen Jaeger
From: Donita Arnold
Happy Mother's Day!
To: Lisa Griffin
From: Elisabeth Griffin
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the whole world! I love you so much! You truly are my role model!
To: Sylvia Ruden
From: Linda Schneider
Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for all you do for us.
To: Jane Rupp
From: Katy Christensen
An amazing prize package for an amazing mom that always goes above and beyond for her children.
To: Rosemary Frantzen
From: Louise McAllister
Thanks for being there for us
To: Dorothy Curran
From: Rob Curran
Happy Mother's Day - Wishing you all the Best
From: Sharon
Happy mother's day to my amazing 91 year old mom. Mother to 10 children, grand mother to many, Grandma the great to many. We all love you so much.
To: Nancy Wodrich
From: Bill Wodrich
Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for all you've given to everyone you've ever been around: your love, time, devotion, patience, advice, work ethic, sense of humor, hugs, courage, forgiveness, nursing, and for being an all around role model for motherhood. We Love You!
To: Patricia Kaufman
From: Renae
Happy Mother's Day !!!
To: Jenny Kelly
From: Shawn Kelly
Happy Mothers day mommy. From Penny & Catlyn
To: Sharon Lowe
From: Michelle Zurcher
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever. You've been here for us at all times. I appreciate so much what you've done to help each of us succeed in our life goals whether it was reading our school work or listening to our problems as adults. We're blessed to have you for our mother. I love you mom!
To: amy schultz
From: Sydney & Tevin
To the best Mom EVER!! Happy Mother's Day
To: Stacy Reese
From: Hanna Reese
I go to the University of Dubuque and I miss my mother on this Mother's Day. I hope it's an extra special day!!! Love you!
To: Joann Kintzle
From: Brooke Kintzle
Thank you for being the best mom ever! You deserve nothing but the best! Love you!!!
To: Bonnie Voseberg
From: Monica T Voseberg
Happy Mother's Day mom, I don't think I could have made through the hard times without you. You are my best friend.
To: Katrina Rooney
From: Tanner Wehnke
Mom, Thank you for always being there for me ! You're the best & i love you.
To: Sue Wehnke
From: Shawn Wehnke
Mom, Thanks for everything you do. You always put us first before yourself which you shouldn't do but i guess that's what mom's do.
To: Kelly
From: Jeremy
We love you!!
To: Amy
From: Corissa
Happy Mother's day! Three years ago you made the most selfless gesture. You made our family complete with placing your baby boy for adoption. It has brought us a whole new family. I'm so glad you are still a part of his life and will continue to be throughout his life. More people should acknowledge birth moms and give them the praise they deserve too. Happy Mothers day, we love you!
To: Linda Hentrich
From: Chel Coxon
Thanks mommy for always being there for me. Whether it was when I was little and the gold fish or hamster died, to when I was a teenager and had my first break up. Then came the day for me to be a mother and you didn't leave my side for anything. I love you with all my heart, I'm soo grateful to have you as MY mommy!! Love you, Chel
To: Deb Jameson
From: Tracy Jameson
Happy Mother's day. You are the glue that holds our family together. You have the biggest heart and have always put your children's, grand children's & great-grand children's needs before your own! We LOVE you very much!
To: Sara Hilby
From: Keith, Sam, Jesse, Clayton, and Tim Hilby
Happy Mother's Day ! Your the best, thanks for all you do.
To: Julie Klein
From: Carrie Klein
We hope you have a great Mother's day. You are there for us whenever we need you. You are always willing to put us first in your life.
To: Eileen Jaeger
From: Donita Arnold
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
To: Jodie Ball
From: Crystal & Cassandra Ball
Happy Mother's Day Mom!
To: Carol Hemesath
From: Laurie Leliefeld
Happy Mothers Day to a wonderful mother!
To: Gayle
From: Marsha Curtis
I miss you more than words can say...but I feel your presence with me everyday. I love you mom. Thanks for everything you have taught me in life.
To: Mary Dardis
From: Mickie Dardis Winders
Just wanted you to know that we miss you every day ..all your grandchildren and great grandchildren are doing great ...Love you Mom Coleen, Mickie, Jack,Margie and Frank Dardis
To: Maxine Peters
From: Maryanne Priebe
Thank you for all you do for us and the support you give me! We love you!
To: Janet Tekippe
Happy Mothers Day From all your kids
To: Gladys
From: Jane
Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!! Thanks for everything you do for my and the family.... You are an amazing mother. Love you to the moon and back.... :)
To: Brandie
From: Steve and justin
Happy mothers day
To: Beth Carroll
From: Carrie Boots
I love you Mom and want to thank you for always being there when I need you! I know I don't say it enough but I don't know what I would do without you! Happy Mother's Day!
To: Mary Bowden
From: Nichole Bowden
love you so much Mom. We would be lost without you. Thanks for everything you do.xoxoxo Love Nichole ,Tina and Amber
To: Katie Krasnodemski
From: Ed Krasnodemski
Happy Mother's Day sweetheart and thank you for all that you do for Lauren and I. You're the best!!!!
To: Kay Riesselman
From: Jill Selle
I love you so much Mom. Even though we may have our disagreements I love you for everything you have done for me and my children!! xoxo
To: Kristy Wolter
From: Riley Wolter
My mom is the best as she tries to go to all my track meets even after working a long day. She works many long hard hours so that I can have things that I need. I love her for that and am very grateful for her I love you Mom
To: Alice Taylor
From: Brenda Loop
Happy Mother's Day to my wonderful Mom!
To: Nancy Felton
From: Ellyn Felton
Thanks for supporting me all these years. Without you, I would have never kept trying for my dreams and future endeavors!
To: Julie Bottoms
From: Bobbie Wallis
A BIG SHOUT OUT to my mom. Not only is she my mother but for the last 35 years she has also had to do the father role. She has shown how to be strong not only for myself but also for my kids. She is the best mother and grandmother that anyone could ask for! Happy Mother's Day Mom! We love you!!!
To: Diane Carson
From: Breanna
Happy Mother's Day to the most amazing mom I could have ever been blessed with! You deserve the world for everything you've done for me & my brother & now for your grandkids. I love you so much!!!!