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To: Carol Knockle
From: Jana and Elijah
Happy Mother's Day! We love you!
To: Tammy Curran
From: Gracie Curran
Happy Mother's Day from your girls!
To: Dorothy Curran
From: Rob Curran
Happy Mothers Day
To: Connie
From: Tom
To the most generous and loving Mother there is!! All our love. Your children and grand children
To: Maxine Hillary
From: Shelley Gleason
Happy Mothers day to the strongest woman I know. This year you will be celebrating your 62nd mothers day. You are an amazing, wonderful person. I am proud to tell people you are my mother!
To: Michele Bleymeyer
From: Tanner Bleymeyer
Thank you for all that you do for us and always being here to listen to me and help me out when I need you the most. You always have the best advice and seem to know when I just need a hug or a snuggle. Zeema and Zazzles always love how you play with them and snuggle with them too and talk to them, give them their treats, make sure they have fresh water and food, go outside to play and go pot pots, clean Zazzles litter box and pet and love them. You make everybody feel special, like they are the only one that you are taking time to be with . You are my favorite type of mom...'cuz you're my mom!!!
To: Bonnie hume
From: Sarah hume
mom you do so much for me andy kids I reallydon'tknow what I would do without youI love you so much!have a very special mothers day
To: Tammy Spautz
From: Andy Birch
Hey Mom, words cannot express how very special you are to me. You really are the best mother a man could have, I don't no what I'd do without you!! Happy Mothers Day!! I Love You!!
To: Doris Ryan
From: Stephanie Robey
Thanks MOM for everything you do. We love you. Your daughters,Sue,Stephanie, and Sarah
To: Rita McCusker
From: Erika McCusker
It's my BEST FRIEND'S day today! She just so happens to be the best mom in the world, the greatest support system, and my proudest parent! Rita McCusker it's your day! --I cant wait to to celebrate how amazing of a lady you are! Don't think for a second that i'm not PROUD to call you MY MOM! Happy Birthday my Best Friend and Mama! I love you! Love your favoritest Daughter!
To: Marjorie Rost
From: Colleen Tyler
To Mom, in heaven. You are missed deeply. You put up with us 4 kids & led us in the right direction. We have all been successful in life and with our children. I miss the giggling we shared and the hugs for everyone. We all miss you & love you - Happy Mother's Day!!
To: Mary Lange
From: Rose Schulz
You've over come some difficult challanges the last 6 weeks. You deserve a day to relax. Happy Mothers Day!
To: Nancy Wodrich
From: Billy and Sonia
Happy Mothers Day to a woman who always puts others first, always has a smile on her face, and makes this world a better place. We love you!
To: Rosemary Frantzen
From: Louise McAllister
Happy Mother's Day! My world wouldn't be the same without your love and support
To: Nikki Basalyga
From: Jaiden
Happy Mother's Day I love you
To: Jodi Butlett
From: Jacob Butlett
Happy Mothers Day! I love you always.
To: Maureen Siegert
From: Ann Schroeder
Happy Mother's Day Mom !! I love you !!
To: Trish Szalkowski
From: Clare Bear Vosberg-Padget
Thanks Mom for allowing me to be ME! Thanks Mom for supporting me ALWAYS! Thanks for Mom for all the places you drive me as I keep our family crazy busy! Thanks Mom for being my Mama Bear! I love you! And I appreciate everything you do for me and for our family!
To: Joyce Neumann
From: Dennis Neumann
Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom in the world! Thanks for all the stuff you do for me and my girlfriend. From the small meals you prepare for us when we stop by biking to fixing tears in my shirts and pants. You can do it all! I really don't know what I would do without you. I love you!
To: Nancy Herman
From: Robin McCool
After breaking your knee in September, I am more than grateful for your nearly 75 years of good health. Congratulations on being back to work. You are an truly an inspiration as a mother and grandmother. Love always!
To: Sue Steiner
From: Samantha Schmidt
Happy Mother's Day! You are such a great Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Paraprofessional and friend. You touch so many lives each day. You raised two great kids and are now touching the lives of the students you work with everyday! You deserve thanks everyday , just not on Mother's Day. Love you! Love, Sam , Mark, Mike and Dane.