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To: Carol Knockle
From: Jana and Elijah
Happy Mother's Day! We love you!
To: Tammy Curran
From: Gracie Curran
Happy Mother's Day from your girls!
To: Dorothy Curran
From: Rob Curran
Happy Mothers Day
To: Connie
From: Tom
To the most generous and loving Mother there is!! All our love. Your children and grand children
To: Maxine Hillary
From: Shelley Gleason
Happy Mothers day to the strongest woman I know. This year you will be celebrating your 62nd mothers day. You are an amazing, wonderful person. I am proud to tell people you are my mother!
To: Michele Bleymeyer
From: Tanner Bleymeyer
Thank you for all that you do for us and always being here to listen to me and help me out when I need you the most. You always have the best advice and seem to know when I just need a hug or a snuggle. Zeema and Zazzles always love how you play with them and snuggle with them too and talk to them, give them their treats, make sure they have fresh water and food, go outside to play and go pot pots, clean Zazzles litter box and pet and love them. You make everybody feel special, like they are the only one that you are taking time to be with . You are my favorite type of mom...'cuz you're my mom!!!
To: Bonnie hume
From: Sarah hume
mom you do so much for me andy kids I reallydon'tknow what I would do without youI love you so much!have a very special mothers day
To: Tammy Spautz
From: Andy Birch
Hey Mom, words cannot express how very special you are to me. You really are the best mother a man could have, I don't no what I'd do without you!! Happy Mothers Day!! I Love You!!
To: Doris Ryan
From: Stephanie Robey
Thanks MOM for everything you do. We love you. Your daughters,Sue,Stephanie, and Sarah
To: Rita McCusker
From: Erika McCusker
It's my BEST FRIEND'S day today! She just so happens to be the best mom in the world, the greatest support system, and my proudest parent! Rita McCusker it's your day! --I cant wait to to celebrate how amazing of a lady you are! Don't think for a second that i'm not PROUD to call you MY MOM! Happy Birthday my Best Friend and Mama! I love you! Love your favoritest Daughter!
To: Marjorie Rost
From: Colleen Tyler
To Mom, in heaven. You are missed deeply. You put up with us 4 kids & led us in the right direction. We have all been successful in life and with our children. I miss the giggling we shared and the hugs for everyone. We all miss you & love you - Happy Mother's Day!!
To: Mary Lange
From: Rose Schulz
You've over come some difficult challanges the last 6 weeks. You deserve a day to relax. Happy Mothers Day!
To: Nancy Wodrich
From: Billy and Sonia
Happy Mothers Day to a woman who always puts others first, always has a smile on her face, and makes this world a better place. We love you!
To: Rosemary Frantzen
From: Louise McAllister
Happy Mother's Day! My world wouldn't be the same without your love and support
To: Nikki Basalyga
From: Jaiden
Happy Mother's Day I love you
To: Jodi Butlett
From: Jacob Butlett
Happy Mothers Day! I love you always.
To: Maureen Siegert
From: Ann Schroeder
Happy Mother's Day Mom !! I love you !!
To: Trish Szalkowski
From: Clare Bear Vosberg-Padget
Thanks Mom for allowing me to be ME! Thanks Mom for supporting me ALWAYS! Thanks for Mom for all the places you drive me as I keep our family crazy busy! Thanks Mom for being my Mama Bear! I love you! And I appreciate everything you do for me and for our family!
To: Joyce Neumann
From: Dennis Neumann
Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom in the world! Thanks for all the stuff you do for me and my girlfriend. From the small meals you prepare for us when we stop by biking to fixing tears in my shirts and pants. You can do it all! I really don't know what I would do without you. I love you!
To: Nancy Herman
From: Robin McCool
After breaking your knee in September, I am more than grateful for your nearly 75 years of good health. Congratulations on being back to work. You are an truly an inspiration as a mother and grandmother. Love always!
To: Sue Steiner
From: Samantha Schmidt
Happy Mother's Day! You are such a great Mom, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Paraprofessional and friend. You touch so many lives each day. You raised two great kids and are now touching the lives of the students you work with everyday! You deserve thanks everyday , just not on Mother's Day. Love you! Love, Sam , Mark, Mike and Dane.
To: Mary Jo Licht
From: Courtney Smith
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom a "kid" could have! Love you, mom!
To: Kathy Stecklein
From: Shelby Stecklein
Happy Mothers day to the BEST mom ever. You are always there for us all and we don't know what we would do without you! Love Shelby, Angela, Ryan, Roscoe, TJ, and Axle!
To: Jennifer Takes
From: Brianna Takes
Happy Mothers Day Ma Ma! I know I am still little but I am smart enough to know you are the best mom in the world. Always patient when I cry, need a diaper change or a drink. Thanks for all you do for me....I luv you..
To: Virginia Jahnke
From: Lavonne Jahnke Cohen
You were my first and best teacher – you taught me how to love and how to pray. You are my best friend and I am so grateful to be blessed with you as my beautiful Mom! You've been through so much - you raised me by yourself since I was a teenager, and words cannot express my gratitude. Your faith, strength, wisdom and selflessness inspire me each and every day. I love you with all my heart and soul. Thank you for all that you have done for me and our entire family.
To: Deanna
From: Alex and Sarah Taylor
You're the best mom ever! We love you! :)
To: Karen Hardtke
From: Traci Schmitt
To an Amazing Mom...Happy Mother Day!!!!
To: Nikki Nuehring
From: Payton Rae & Max Preston
Happy mother's day mommy love you so much <3 -Payton! You're the best Mom ever! Love Max :)
To: Joann Kintzle
From: Brooke, Mitch, Nicole
Happy Mother's Day Mom!! Thanks for always being there to help us. We appreciate it.
To: Becky henneberry
From: tammy breitbach
Happy mothers day mom from your kid's
To: Mary Ellen Fondell
From: Debbie Fath
Happy Mothers Day Mom, We love you very much. You have always been there when we needed you. You always have your door open for whom ever is in need. Love you very much.
To: Vicki Gearhart
From: Debbie Fath
Happy Mothers Day to my sister Vicki Gearhart. Thank you so much for being there for our Mother 24-7 since she has become unable to do for herself. Thank you so much for taking sole care of her. Love you so much.
To: Marge "Midge" Oglesby
From: Cathy Frye
Words can't adequately express the appreciation I have for all the strength & courage you had to bring me into this world 42 years ago & raise me by yourself when it typically wasn't done then. The beauty of it is, I never felt like I was missing anyone or anything since you loved me so much. Thank you.
To: Stacy Schmitt
From: Jaelyn Schmitt (My Grandma is Darlene Schueller)
My name is Jaelyn Schmitt, and I'm only three weeks old. I have the BEST mom in the world. She took amazing care of me for nine months, and now she's an even better mom now that I've arrived. I want to wish my mom a SUPER happy Mother's Day because she deserves all the best. Happy Mother's Day Mom! Love you, Jaelyn.
To: Betty Ryan
From: Kay Henry
For all the love and support of my mom who shows me each and every day to live, laugh and love. She always takes a true and honest interest in all of our lives and in return we value her beyond words. Thank you mom for all you've given ~ as Tina Turner would sing, "You're Simply The Best."
To: Shelly Hess
From: Mikaylah and Austin
Mom -we want to wish you a Happy Mothers Day! You are the greatest!!
To: Judi Deakyne
From: Jeanine, Matt, Karl, and Jacob Deakyne
Thank you ! Your guidance,patience and support have helped us prepare for life's challenges. Thanks for always keeping a sense of humor and for being there when we needed you. We love you ! Happy Mothers Day !
To: Carol Loney
From: Lacey
Happy Mothers Day mom! You are one of my favorite people because of your good heart, warm words, and loving spirit. You should be celebrated everyday. You are the best grandmother my kids can have. They appreciate you so much. You are an encouragement to everyone and loved by all. Thank you for everything!!!!
To: Tammy Curran
From: Alexa, Shayla, Gracie, and Kittie
Happy Mothers Day to the Best Mom in the World! Thanks for all you do for us!
From: Kyle and Eric Leuchs
To my mom My brother and I would like to nominate my mom, Joan. She is always supportive of us and we can talk about anything to her. She is always there for us and always go to our school events, we don't tell her enough,we love you so we thought we would do this. Hope she wins!
To: June Berntgen
From: Becky Berntgen
Happy mothers day to all moms! But especially happy mothers day to my mom. I couldn't of been blessed with a better mother! You have done so much for me, and I am so grateful! You have always been there whenever I needed you! You not only put me through college, but you have supported me in every decision I made throughout my life, even if you didn't agree. You are such a caring and respectful woman. You have a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone! You show that through you generosity of giving to the less needy and all the volunteer work you have done. You are my role model, and I hope someday when I have children I can be a wonderful mother just like you. I am so blessed to have such a great and amazing Mother! Hope you enjoy your special day because you definitely deserve it! Love you Mom!
To: Dorothy Droessler
From: Lacey Sime
There isn't anything that you wouldn't do for your six children. We are all so lucky to call you MOM! Love you and Happy Mothers Day!
To: Sandy Peart
From: Amie Kruser
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom the world. For as long as I can remember, you have put EVERY one first, even those who may not have deserved it. You deserve to be celebrated for more than 1 day. You have touched so many lives, and I owe you my happiness.
To: Kelly Laugesen
From: Drew, Jenna, and Josie
Happy 10th Mother's Day MOM! ??????
To: Laura Davidson
From: Marcy & Sam Davidson
Mom thanks for all that you've done for us for the past 25 years. We love you SO much, and want you to know that you mean the world to us. We'd be lost without you! Love ya!
To: Sue Pregler
From: Joe Pregler
Happy Mother's Day!
To: Rita Burgess
From: John Burgess
From Boscobel, Wisconsin to Ripley, West Virginia Happy Mother's Day from Pat and I. We all love you. In all the distance from here to there, you are the greatest mother a fellow could ask for.
To: Lori Michels
From: Trisha
Happy Mothers Day! You've always worked hard owning your own businesses, working several jobs for health insurance, and have managed to always be around for our extracurricular activities. I hope you win this package & enjoy every minute of it b/c you DESERVE it!!! Lots of LOVE
To: Linda shepherd
From: Sandi breitsprecker
happy mothers day hope you have the best day
To: Paula Langmeier
From: Kassie Dunbar
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom! Even though there is distance betweeen us, she always finds a way to stay close to my heart!
To: Mom Grandma Friend Mary
From: Kim and Family
To the most wonderful woman we know, Happy Mother's Day! I don't know what I would do without you. You truly are my best friend and the girls simply adore you. Even with the tough times that we endure you have this natural unselfishness and worry not bout yourself but everyone else. We love you mom grandma friend Mary
To: Tina Hocking
From: Vanessa and Jacob Hocking
Happy Mother's Day Mom! You are the Best Mom out there! Our life would not be the same without you. Love You! <3
To: Kassie Dunbar
From: Kade Dunbar
Happy Mothers Day - I'm so lucky to have you as my mom.
To: Kendra Reising
From: Scott Reising
Happy Mother's Day from the boys!
To: Tina Hocking
From: Jacob
Thanks mom for all you do with running us to games and play practice, school activities. You are always there for us and we love you for it. Have a Happy Mothers Day.
To: Kelly Pregler
From: Joe Pregler
Happy Mother's Day, from Ella and Clara!
To: Vicki Lee
From: Matt, Misty, Ben & Forrest
Happy Mother's Day! Love you to the moon!
To: Joann Kintzle
From: Brooke Nicole and Mitch
Happy Mother's Day mom! Thanks for everything you do for us we love you!
To: Ruth Jacque
From: Maci Jacque
Our mom's the best! She is always trying to make our days a little brighter and a whole lot better. Her surprises are always something we look forward to. Thanks Mom for being you:-) Heart your kids!
To: Marianne Schoenhaar
From: Kristy Wolter
Mom I love you for all that you are and all that you do to help us when we are in need. You are always there for your grandchildren when they need you as well
To: Lynn Helle
From: Kristin Helle
Mom- Not only are you the best mother anyone could ask for, but you are a friend. You are the most gracious, thoughtful, caring, sweet, and loving individual. You have a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. You are there with a listening ear, encouraging words, and a warm hug at any time of the day. You have shaped me into the person I am today and can't imagine what I'd be without you! Thanks for everything mom! I love you and Happy Mother's Day!
To: Alice Roling
From: Kim, Jason, Ella, Brie, Peggy, Scott, Addi, Lincoln, Jaelyn, Pam, Sam, Olivia, Mark, Sara, Anna, Leah, Abby, Kristin, Brian, Aiden, Nora, Riley, & Beau
Mom, Happy Mother's Day to one of the most wonderful people on the face of the earth. You are such a great Mother and Grandmother. Words can not describe how much you are respected and loved by your children and grandchildren. We all hope you have the best day ever because you deserve it. Thank you for teaching us to be good people in life. We love you!
To: Irma Hefel
From: Karen Bahl
I would like to wish Irma Hefel a Happy Mothers Day! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful lady in our lives. Our parents have been great examples on how we should live our lives. Mom is always there for all of us. It could be a sitter for the kids & grandkids (when we are playing softball) or if they are sick. We love you mom!!!! Karen, Linda, Connie, Dan, Randy, and families
To: Jubi Jervis
From: Mariah Hardcadtle
Mom, Words cant Explain how thankful i am for,have done so much for me and I love you so much. I hope you have a wonderful mother`s day!! <3 <3
To: Peggy Howard
From: Lisa Howard
Mom! You are truly amazing! THE TOUGHEST WOMAN I know!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for me, our family, everyone. Love you lots..hope you have a very very special day! I love you!
To: Sarah Hume
From: Kaylee Hume
mom it's hard to tell u ever thing in words that u did for me. I understandthat it was hard for you at first when you became a mom at 18 and u raised me yourself with not very much of ever thing then u had Paige and it got harder for you but u did have Billy there to help and he accepted me of his own child. then we completed our family with Carter. anyways I love u so much and I'm glad your my mom I would be lost with out you. I love u so much happy mothers day mom enjoy and hope u win u ddeserve it
To: Kristi Thompson
From: Brooke Wilhelmson
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever! You have always been so supportive and caring. Thank you for all you have done for me :) You are the best!
To: Lois Herbst
From: Emily Herbst
You're the best! Happy Mother's Day! Keep shining on!
To: Karen Bennett
From: Jill
Mother your the best, always there for me day or night.
To: Dolly Colber
From: Paula Ruden
Happy Mothers day to the best mom ever! Love from all your children!
To: Julie Pins
From: Kaitlyn, Connor, Cole
Thanks for all you do for us. We Love You Mom!!!
To: Amy Kramer
From: Corissa
We love you and you made the hardest decision of your life. We are excited to be a part of your life,, so you can watch Cullen grow into the awesome little man that he is becoming!
To: Joann Kintzle
From: Brooke Kintzle
My mom is so wonderful!! This past year has been the hardest year ever for our family. But our mom pulled out the positive things and we made it!! She is always there for us. Love her so much.
To: Lois Klein
From: Joann Kintzle
Mom you are awesome!! Hope you have a great day.
To: Mary Grant
From: Stacey
Happy Mother's Day Mom. You have a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. Me and my girls are so lucky to have you. You were a great inspiration and role model to look up to which has helped me become the Mother I want to be. Thank you for everything. We want you to know how much we appreciate you, not just today but everyday. Love you!
To: Janet Kelley
From: Megan, Dylan, and Gavin
Mom, Thank you for all you do... You have always made sure me and the boys have had anything we were in need of.. Clothes, diapers, wipes, money for vacation, medicine, a reliable car, and a place to stay. You sacrifice a lot. It's hard to think you still work beings you have a couple health problems that cause you to hurt. You do it all to make sure we are well taken care of without thinking twice. Your motivating and taught me a lot as I've grown up. The boys and I love you!
To: Jackie Greene
From: Mark, Stacey, Maddie, Hannah, and Allie Heitkamp
Happy Mother's Day to the greatest mom and grandma! Thanks for all you do!
To: Sara Lazare
From: Ann Grommes
To the mom who's caring, supportive and irreplaceable, hope your mother's day rocks! Love you mom :)
To: Judy Gogel
From: Brian,Scott,and Michael
Happy Mother's Day Mom.You always make us feel so special.
To: Kris Digman
From: John Ohnesorge
Mom thank you for taking me to Kiss & Dokken when I was 11 years old back in 85'. My very first concert. You were a newly single mom & wanted to help fill the shoes of my dad and took me. Even though there were nuns protesting you took my hand and we crossed the picket line together! It may not have been your thing but you did it for me. Love you and Happy Mother's Day!
To: Paula Langmeier
From: Justin Lange
Wishing my mom all the happiness and joy she can handle on her special day!
To: Linda Tranmer
From: Wheeter
Happy Mother's day to the strongest and most caring woman that I know. I know that taking care of your three year old granddaughter, while I am away for military training, can be very difficult some days but very rewarding everyday. For this, you are my hero and you deserve to have the best mother's day in the entire world. 12 more weeks and I will be home!! I love you mom!!!
To: Jeanne Kiefer
From: Jack Kiefer
The "Greatest Mom" everyday -not just "Mother's Day" Love from all your family
To: Debra Sedelmaier
From: Melisa Clark
We have lived through the hard times and loved the good times. I was blessed to have a Mom like you. You are there when I need advice, when I wanna scream cause of the awful day I had and most of all when I just need a hug. You are a stellar Grandmother, my kids can't wait to see you they have a special gift for you. Happy Mothers Day Mom!!!
To: Michele Thurm
From: Bryan Thurm
have an awsome day with all our love nick,bailey,hope @ jadyn!
To: Toot's (Irene) Herbst
From: Ron Herbst
Toots is my mom, a grandmother and a great grandmother and our family's best friend. My mom is the strongest person I know, she just knows how to handle everything in life. Her and Dad were the perfect models of love everlasting-their love graced us and showed us perfect love and understanding. I really could go on and on about Mom but she's there for everyone. She has no enemies only friends. Her giggle is contagious, My mom makes us want to be better people in her eyes - you want her to be proud of you and your deeds. She taught us to do the right things simply because it's the right thing to do. She always makes us laugh - if we weren't related I would still want to be her friend. She's tenacious at cards and know the power of prayer and has passed all of that to her entire family. Everything good in me is from her! She loves all of her family so much and we know it! We are truly blessed.
To: Betty McFall
From: Kyle
Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for everything you do!
To: Anne
From: Katherine
Mom....there isnt a moment that goes by that I dont think of you, talk to you, and thank you. Happy Mothers Day. My tears flow everyday for you. I know you dont want me sad....but my best friend has gone to live with God ....I stll and will always need you here with me. Mom...I hope you see that I still buy you Bithday cards, Christmas cards, and Mothers Day cards every year. Remember you said how you loved how I signed all my cards to you through out the kept them ALL. Aways...Your...Katherine Mom' I miss you more then I need AIR .....
To: Lee miller
From: Jestik Miller
Mommy thank you for everything you do for me and my sister. Im truly blessed to have you in my life. I love you more than anything in the world. Stay strong even when life tries to bring you down your better than anything that comes your way.
To: Sara Herbert
From: Merrin and Katy
Thank you Mom for always encouraging us and showing love. From helping us raise animals to helping us with homework. We want to grow up to be just like you. -Merrin and Katy
To: Theresa Antimo
From: Ebony
Happy mothers day mommie! From your girls! we love you!
To: Theresa Antimo
From: ebony
To mommie i love you! you are the best and gorgeous mom ever! from your daughters. we love you momma!