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Mississippi to Reach Flood Stage Today

The Mississippi River at Dubuque will reach flood stage today, and its crest is now expected to reach into the “moderate flooding” category. As of early this morning, the river level at the Railroad Bridge was just shy of 16.8 feet. That’s just a couple inches below the flood stage of 17 feet. The river will likely reach that depth later this morning. Now the river is reaching the flood stage a day later than originally forecast when the Flood Warning was first issued late last week. The Mississippi is expected to push into what the Weather Service describes as “moderate flooding” tomorrow night. It will then reach a crest of 18.2 feet on Friday morning. At this point, the river is expected to fall back below the flood stage around midday Monday. But the river forecast does not include any rainfall that our area might receive tomorrow.
The Mississippi is also expected to reach the flood stage in Guttenberg later tonight. The flood stage there is 15 feet. The river will hold right around that level for a couple of days, before falling back below stage on Friday night.
In Bellevue, the river is not expected to reach the flood stage of 17 feet. It will climb to about a half-foot below stage when it crests early Saturday morning.

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