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Loss of Grant Funding Means Dubuque Police Doing Fewer Bar Checks


A loss of grant funding has cut the number of random bar checks that Dubuque Police can do, which has led to a significant decline in the number of liquor license violations in the city. In the past five years, Dubuque Police have prosecuted an average of 20 liquor license violations per year. But so far in 2018, no violations have been recorded. Police Chief Mark Dalsing explains that funding for alcohol compliance checks has been steadily declining, but completely went away this year. Alcohol license inspections are still happening, but Dalsing notes that they’re not as random as in the past. Dalsing estimates compliance has traditionally been around 90%. The penalties for violating or losing a liquor license are often enough to encourage establishments to act right. The last liquor license violations in Dubuque happened more than a full calendar year ago, on April 25 of 2017. On that night, both Fat Tuesday’s and the Friendly Locust Mart were cited for 2nd violations of their licenses. The Locust Mart chose to serve a 30-day suspension of its license and pay a $1,500 fine. Fat Tuesday’s paid a $7,500 fine in order to have its license suspended for only a week. The bar was also required to use ID scanners for all alcohol purchases.

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