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KCRG Fact Check: Anti-Blum Ad Makes Mostly Accurate Claims

Courtesy: Not One Penny

You’ve likely seen a new television ad criticizing Iowa Congressman Rod Blum for his recent vote on the Republican tax plan. The ad comes from a liberal-leaning group called “Not One Penny” and has been airing in Blum’s district for the past week or so. But are the claims it makes about Blum and the Republican tax plan legitimate? Our coverage partners at KCRG fact-checked the spot and found that, for the most part, they are. The first claim KCRG looked at is the idea that Blum basically gave himself a tax break. KCRG News Director Adam Carros says that claim holds up, based on the details of the plan. The ad also claims that while Blum will pay less on his taxes, the majority of middle class families will pay more. While some families will see their tax payments go up, KCRG found the number cited is an exaggeration. The third claim is that seniors will be hurt by the tax plan, because it does away with the medical expense deduction. Carros says the plan does eliminate that program. KCRG is getting away from giving entire ads letter grades for accuracy, but Carros says this one would score highly if they did. The tax bill passed the US House last week. The Senate has also passed its own version of the bill, and a compromise between the two pieces of legislation is now being negotiated.

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