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Forecasters Unsure What to Expect from Summer 2018


The La Nina weather pattern that had been impacting the Tri-States since last year has broken, and it’s not entirely clear what that might mean for our weather this summer. KCRG meteorologist Kaj O’Mara tells us that we’ll be in a bit more a “neutral” weather pattern for at least the next few months. While those are a bit harder to predict, there’s some evidence to suggest our temperatures this summer will be mostly seasonal. As far as precipitation expectations, it appears that it could be a very active Atlantic hurricane season. O’Mara says that would usually mean the Midwest would take on less than usual precipitation. That’s a bit of a concern, as drought conditions are already shaping up in some parts of southern Iowa. O’Mara says that the summer following a La Nina winter will usually have more severe weather than usual. But there are some early indications that go against that trend. The National Weather Service’s Climate Prediction Center is anticipating that June will be warmer and wetter than usual.

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