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Food Pantry Lunch Program

With school out for the summer, a local food pantry has set a goal to provide more lunches for children during the summer months than ever before. A recent grant to the Dubuque Food Pantry from the Women’s Giving Circle of Greater Dubuque has made that goal seemingly a little easier to reach. Last year the pantry served more than 36 hundred kids in the Dubuque area with a free lunch during the summer months. This year that goal is to serve 5 thousand. In order for the food pantry to feed more kids, a grant of over 27-hundred dollars was awarded from the Women’s Giving Circle. Theresa Caldwell manages the food pantry. She says the grant money allows them to buy milk and juice for all of the 5 thousand meals they plan to give out, and for them, it’s all about their mission to provide help to area families. Caldwell says so far this year they’re averaging around 70 kids per day, but she would like to see 100 or more per day.

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