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Financial Literacy Course Required For Incoming Freshmen


Beginning next year, incoming freshmen in the Dubuque Community School District will have to take a financial literacy course as a requirement for graduation. This week the school board approved a policy making it mandatory that students take the course in order to graduate. Superintendent Stan Rheingans says the course is designed to give kids the tools they need to make wise and smart financial decisions once they are in the real world. Sam Wooden, an attorney in Dubuque told the board it’s been seven years since he finished his formal education and he still has over 165-thousand dollars in student loan debt. He says the course would have been very beneficial to him. Students are required to have 46 credits in order to graduate. Rheingans says the addition of the financial literacy course will not add to that. The district has a financial literacy class that it offers now, but it’s currently not a requirement for graduation. Rheingans says the Educational programs/ Policy Strategy Committee will take a look at all of the district’s graduation requirements next year.

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