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Farley Man Claims to Have Hit, Killed Kids During Drunk Driving Arrest


A Farley man being arrested for drunken driving reportedly claimed to have run over several children. 37-year-old Adam Fern was arrested just before 12:50 this morning near his home on the northwest side of Farley. A Dubuque County Sheriff’s Deputy pulled Fern’s vehicle over after seeing it swerve and run a stop sign. The car also had out of date license plates. During the stop, Fern reportedly admitted to drinking “too much” and knew he was going to jail. Fern was then taken to the Dubuque County Jail. According to the arresting officer, while on the way to jail, Fern made several comments about “being glad he ran over those kids and killed them.” Another officer was sent to the area and found no evidence that Fern’s claims were valid. The sheriff’s department did not receive any reports of pedestrian injuries in the area. When he arrived at the jail, Fern’s blood alcohol content was tested at .205, two-and-a-half times the legal limit. He’s been charged with Operating While Intoxicated and also received four traffic citations.

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