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Fact Check: Heckroth’s Minimum Wage Attack Not True

One of Dubuque State Representative Abby Finkenauer’s opponents in the Democratic Congressional primary has attacked her for not supporting an increase to the federal minimum wage. That’s a claim made by former Labor Department staffer Thomas Heckroth’s campaign in a recent TV ad. But our coverage partners at KCRG fact-checked the claim, and say it’s off the mark. A recent ad from Heckroth says that he’s the “only major candidate” in the race who supports raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. It goes on to say that Finkenauer opposes such a move. But KCRG’s Josh Scheinblum explains that Finkenauer hasn’t said ‘no’ to a $15 per hour wage, but prefers to tie increases to the cost of living. KCRG also notes that during her time in the Iowa House, Finkenauer voted against a bill that rolled back Linn and Johnson counties’ efforts to raise the minimum wage.

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