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Dubuque Men Facing Charges After Fighting with BB Gun, Gas Container

Two Dubuque men are each facing charges after getting into a fight involving a BB gun and an energy drink can filled with gasoline. Just before midnight Monday night, officers were called to the Kwik Stop at 24th Street and Central Avenue on a report of a fight. According to witnesses, 50-year-old Reginald Harland and 41-year-old David Miller had started fighting in an apartment in the 24-hundred block of White Street. The fight continued outside, where witnesses say Miller chased Harland with a BB gun. Harland reportedly left the area and came back with an energy drink can filled with gasoline. He then dumped the gas on Miller and threatened to set Miller on fire. After being taken into custody, both men had blood alcohol contents well above the legal limit. Miller’s BAC registered a reading of .229, while Harland’s was tested at .277. Both men have been charged with Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct. Police say neither man was clear about wanting to press additional charges, though they did ask officers to follow up with them when they were sober.

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