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Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department to Switch to “Take Home” Squad Cars


The Dubuque County Sheriff’s Department has gotten the go-ahead to buy enough squad cars that each patrol deputy will be able to take a vehicle home with them. Currently, deputies have to drive their personal car to the Law Enforcement Center to get a department vehicle. With more than half of the patrol deputies living outside the Dubuque city limits, Sheriff Joe Kennedy predicts allowing them to take vehicles home will significantly reduce response times. Dubuque appears to be one of the only counties in Iowa that does not have a “squad car take home” program already in place. The department currently has eleven patrol vehicles. It would need to purchase another ten, at a cost of at least $750,000. But Kennedy expects the program will slow the vehicle replacement cycle, saving the department in the long run. The county Board of Supervisors voted in favor of moving forward with the plan on Monday night. Kennedy plans to begin taking bids for the vehicle purchases early next month.

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