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DOT Hires Ferry to Transport Sabula, Savanna Commuters

Crews work on the Sabula overflow bridge in late April. (Courtesy: Iowa Dept. of Transportation)

Residents of a Jackson County island community will have a couple of new options for getting around a bridge closure. The overflow bridge that connects Sabula to Savanna, Illinois, has been closed since late February. Since then, people travelling between the two communities have been forced to use a detour through Clinton that takes them about 40 minutes out of their way. The Iowa Department of Transportation has now contracted a ferry service that will carry vehicles and people across the river. The free ferry will operate from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The ferry will be available until the new overflow bridge is complete this fall. A bus service is also being offered that will still use the detour through Clinton. The ferry is able to accommodate 15 passenger vehicles, and has room for passengers as well. The ferry service is scheduled to start on Monday.

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