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DCSD: Early Dismissals Due to Heat, Not “Bank” of Usable Hours

Cyze (Courtesy: Dubuque United Way)

Even though high temperatures have fallen back to the low 80s today, leaders in the Dubuque Community School District say some of their buildings can still get uncomfortably hot. That’s why they decided to release students early the past two days. Dubuque Schools will dismiss two hours early both yesterday and today. District Community Relations Director Mike Cyze says the decision to let students out early was entirely weather-related. Cyze says some of the district’s more aged buildings can get especially warm, even on days when outdoor temperatures stay relatively mild. Some have speculated that the district chose to release students early because it had “extra” hours to use without have to incur a make-up day. While there is a “bank” of hours that the district factors in for weather days, Cyze says that didn’t play a role in today’s decision. According to Cyze, the district doesn’t consider the banked hours as something they have to use or lose. The last day of school for Dubuque students is still scheduled for Tuesday.

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