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Credit Card Skimmer Found on Gas Pump at Dubuque Convenience Store 

Courtesy: Dubuque Police

Dubuque Police are investigating a possible credit card skimmer found at an area convenience store. Employees at the FasMart in the 2100 block of Central Avenue, called officers Tuesday morning to report they found the skimmer on one of the station’s gas pumps. That pump was immediately shut down. Skimmers are illegal card readers which are attached to electronic payment terminals and record data from the magnetic strips of cards. Criminals often sell that data or use it to make purchases. Cardholders usually never know their information has been compromised until they get a bank statement or overdraft notice. Police are not sure how long the skimmer was on the gas pump, or if any data was gathered. Anyone who used a credit or debit card on gas pump number 3 at the FasMart is urged to keep a close eye on their financial accounts.

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