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Spud Stuffed Beef Burgers (6/7/2013)

Spud Stuffed Beef Burgers
2 lbs. lean Ground Beef
1 lb. Italian Sausage or 1 more lb. ground beef
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
¾ cup chopped fresh mushrooms
6 slices of bacon, cooked crisp, drained, crumbled
2 packages dry onion soup mix
½ bag frozen, shredded hash browns
Beef Burger buns

Cook bacon in a skillet until crisp. Remove and let drain on a plate covered in paper towels. Crumble.

Drain most of the bacon grease from pan, and cook ½ bag of frozen hashbrowns until just done. Remove from pan, and let cool.

In a large bowl, mix together hashbrowns, cheese, mushrooms, and bacon.

In another large bowl, mix ground beef, Italian sausage (or 1 more lb. ground beef), and onion soup mix. Form into 16 patties of equal size. Place some of the potato mixture on top of one of the patties, and, top with another beef patty and seal tightly. Refrigerate at least 1 hour.

When ready to grill, brush grill grate with oil. Cook beef burgers over medium-high heat for 7-8 minutes per side. Serve with your favorite beef burger toppings.


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