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Bacon Wrapped Cheese dogs (6/17/2011)

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Dogs

Abbyland Natural Casing Fine or Coarse hot dogs
Hot dog buns
Cheddar Cheese (or your favorite cheese) cut into long, thin sticks
Cremer's smoked bacon
1 container Cremer's BBQ sauce
½ cup Brown sugar

Cut a long, deep slit (without going all the way through) in each hot dog. Insert a long stick of cheese. Wrap each hot dog in a slice of bacon and secure on both ends with a toothpick if needed. Add brown sugar to a plate, and lightly roll each dog in brown sugar.

Oil grill grate. Heat grill to medium heat. Place hot dogs on grill, and grill 2 minutes. Then turn ¼ of a turn and continue to grill a couple of minutes, then turn ¼ turn again, grill another couple of minutes, and then one more ¼ turn and continue to cook another couple of minutes, or until bacon is cooked. Remove from heat and remove toothpicks. Grill buns for a moment or two. Add a hot dog. Now top with some barbecue sauce. You can also use ketchup and mustard if you prefer. Also, you can garnish with sauerkraut. Or use Dijon mustard. Chopped onion too!


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