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Shredded Beef for Burritos or Taco/Spicy Potato Rounds (3/28/2008)

Crock Pot Shredded Beef Burritos or Tacos

3 lbs. Chuck Roast or Stew Meat
3/4 tsp. Cumin
1 ½ tsp. Dried oregano
3/4 tsp. Red pepper flakes
3/4 tsp. Paprika
1 tsp. Chili Powder
2 cans Rotel Tomatoes with Green chilies
1 onion, sliced or chopped
1 clove minced garlic
1 tsp. Beef base or 1 beef bouillon cube
1 cup water
Salt & Pepper to taste
flour tortillas
Warmed refried beans for garnish
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese for garnish
1 jar salsa for garnish or Taco sauce
Sour cream (optional for garnish)
Guacamole (optional for garnish)

Trim as much fat from chuck roast as possible. Place roast in crock pot and add ingredients (through tortillas). Cook on low 8-10 hours. When meat is tender, shred with fork and stir well with liquid in crock pot. Drain meat mixture.

Serve in flour tortillas with refried beans, cheese, salsa, sour cream and guacamole optional.

This week's recommended wine from Van's Liquor Store in East Dubuque-Alice White Riesling $4.99 a bottle through 3/31/08.

Spicy Potato Rounds

1 bag Potato rounds or regular tater tots (frozen)
1 tsp Cajun Seasoning
1 tsp. Seasoning salt (Lawry's)
½ tsp. Cumin
1 tablespoon Olive Oil

Preheat oven to temperature on package. Let potatoes thaw at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. In a large bowl, add potatoes, seasonings and drizzle with Olive Oil. Mix well and place on foil lined baking sheet and bake according to package directions, turning once during cooking. Serve immediately.

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