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Committee Recommends “Rebranding” of Housing Voucher Program

A committee is recommending that the city of Dubuque not institute a requirement that landlords rent to people participating in a low-income housing voucher program. Instead, the city council will be asked to approve a “rebranding” of the program. For the past two years, a “Source of Income Committee” has been examining ways the city can increase the amount of affordable low-income housing. The committee presented its findings to the City Council last fall, and laid out a handful of possible options. Included on the list was a provision that would no longer allow landlords to reject potential tenants just because they participate in the Housing Choice Voucher program. That idea was widely criticized by landlords and was met with lukewarm support from the council, which directed the committee to develop ways for the city to encourage landlords to participate in the voucher program. In a report that will be presented to the council on Monday, the committee recommends combating the misconceptions about the program by “rebranding it” and providing additional information to both renters and landlords. The council meeting is scheduled for 6:00 Monday night in the Historic Federal Building.

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