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Candy Prohibited from 2017 Dubuque Halloween Parade

This year’s annual Dubuque Halloween parade will have one major difference from past years…there will be no candy handed or thrown to parade attendees. The change comes after several discussions between the city, the police department, and the local YMCA, which hosts the parade. According to police Lt. Scott Baxter, the presence of candy at the event has continually presented a safety issue. Baxter says the Halloween parade is unique in that it happens after dark. The decision to prohibit candy was something all parties involved agreed on. While the policy will only apply to the Halloween parade that this point, it could be implemented for all city parades. In past years, people in the parade were barred from throwing candy from vehicles and floats, but could hand out treats to spectators. But police say that policy was widely ignored. This year’s Halloween parade is scheduled for Monday, October 30 at 6:30 PM.

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