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Bar Fight Leads to Four Arrests

A fight outside of a downtown Dubuque bar led to the arrests of four Dubuque residents early Monday morning. Dubuque Police officers were flagged down outside the Green Room in the 200 block of Main Street at about 12:30 AM. 50-year-old George Fox, Junior, was lying on the ground with a handful of other people around him. Traffic camera footage from the area showed Fox trying to start a fight with the other people by punching one of them in the head. That’s when 36-year-old Joseph Lewis punched Fox in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. Fox got back up and punched a woman with the group in the face. Lewis then knocked Fox to the ground again. This time, Lewis and 27-year-old Joshua Dupree stomped on Fox while he was on the ground. Dupree, Fox, Lewis, and 25-year-old Nickolas Sullivan were all charged with Disorderly Conduct. Fox is also facing single counts of Assault, Harassment of City Employees, and Public Intoxication. Dupree and Sullivan have been charged with Public Intoxication as well.

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